Mobile topup Cuba

We all know how expensive international calls can be. That is why we at VoipCheap are here to help you and your loved ones cut down these costs.

Maybe you have friends or family living in Cuba using a CubaCel mobile phone? It is important to stay in touch with your loved ones living abroad, but staying in touch with your family and friends can be a financial burden. VoipCheap has the solution for you: Now you can top up the pre paid mobile phone credit of your family and friends in Cuba using CubaCel! And the best part is you don't pay any surcharges while topping up via VoipCheap!

VoipCheap is easy to use: Besides sending prepaid mobile phone credit to Cuba CubaCel, you can use VoipCheap for all your international phone calls as well. Staying in touch was never this cheap before and easy before!

VoipCheap rates:

Cuba (Landline) $0.608
Cuba (Mobile) $0.608

Skype rates:

Cuba (Landline) $1.151/min
Cuba (Mobile) $1.151/min

Calling to Cuba

+53 is the country code to call to Cuba.
This number is followed by an area code which can vary between 1-3 digits.
The remaining digits are the subscriber number.
There is only one mobile network in Cuba; CubaCel.
All CubaCel subscriber numbers start with 5 so a complete international CubaCel number looks like: +53 5xxx xxxx.

In a few simple steps you can send prepaid mobile phone credit to their prepaid phones, they will receive it instantly and can use it right away! The chosen amount will be taken from your VoipCheap credit when your friend or family member receives the credit and it will be added to their balance.

How does Mobile Top Up works?

  • Login to your VoipCheap account or register a new account
  • Click the 'Recharge a friend's phone' button:
  • Enter the mobile phone number of your beloved one and choose the amount you want to send.

The screen will immediately show you whether or not the transaction has succeeded. The recipient will have his prepaid credit topped up on his phone automatically: A Text message is automatically sent to notify the recipient of the fact that you gave him prepaid credit.

Mobile topup via VoipCheap will not charge any surcharges! What you see is what you get!

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About Cuba

Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. The main island has 5,746 km/3,570 mi of coastline and 29 km/18 mi of land borders. Havana is the largest city of Cuba and also the nation's capital. The majority speak Spanish and therefore the official language, but dialects like Cuban Spanish, which is a form of Caribbean Spanish, is also a popular language. Lucumi, a dialect of the West African language Yoruba, is also used, but more and less as a second language. Cuba is also a beloved holiday destination. Per year it attracts around 3 million tourist. Besides the beautiful beaches, Cuba is also famous for its cigars and rum.

Topping up the prepaid mobile phones of your loved ones living in Cuba is really easy and cheap with VoipCheap.